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  • Quality, innovation and performance
  • Responsibilty and ethics

Quality and Innovation

Rexel UK have strong established relationships with a mix of global market leading manufacturers and suppliers which hold approved status at a European
Group level. In addition relationships with local (UK) Technology SME’s have been forged and are being continually developed in order to offer high quality cost effective solutions to our customers.

This strategy ensures that the value proposition offered to our customer base reflects both the latest in product development from Rexel’s global partners and the innovation of tomorrow from the emerging UK technology business market.

Responsibility in our supply chain

As a group, Rexel has demonstrated its responsibility in its supply chain by committing to the United Nations Global Compact in 2011 and is therefore committed to advance the ten universally accepted principles relating to human rights, labour standards, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption. As specified in its Ethics Guide, the Rexel Group complies with and promotes the provisions of the core conventions of the International Labour Organization in relation to the respect of freedom of association and the right of collective bargaining, the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation, the elimination of forced or compulsory labour and the effective abolition of child labour.

Locally, Rexel UK have a strong commitment to operate responsibly, lawfully and in accordance with the ethical principles of the Rexel Group.  To that end, Rexel UK have adopted a Code of Conduct which sets out the minimum standards of behaviour and commitment expected of all Rexel employees and the organisations who supply goods or services to Rexel UK.  Any supplier wishing to work with Rexel UK is expected to fully endorse and comply with the Code of Conduct.  The latest version of the Rexel UK Code of Conduct is available here.

An ethical approach

The Rexel Group requires all of its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the principles presented in its Ethics Guide which contain, in particular, clauses requiring compliance with the core conventions of the International Labour Organization and local legislation, in particular with regards to minimum wages, working hours, protection of the environment & health and safety.  Equally, Rexel UK require all of its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the contents of its Code of Conduct (see above) available here.

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Performance Assessment

In order to ensure that the principles in the Ethics Guide and UN Global Compact were reflected effectively by the behaviour of its suppliers; audits were carried out during 2015 at suppliers’ sites by Rexel Group representatives. Additionally, the Rexel Group recently conducted a pilot project aimed at appreciating the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance of its suppliers through a shared assessment platform. The results of this pilot project were very positive:

  • The technical solution was deemed appropriate to the needs of the Rexel Group;
  • The project allowed momentum to build around CSR issues within the purchasing processes of the Rexel Group; and
  • The platform enabled efficient & effective engagement with suppliers to the Rexel Group.

The pilot project was conducted with EcoVadis, a global leader in supply chain CSR assessment and following the success of the trial a full global roll commenced during the early part of 2016.

Important Notice for Suppliers

Please click here to view an important notice for suppliers.