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Improving Access to Energy Efficiency

Rexel Foundation is the cornerstone for improvements

Why is this important to Rexel? Because we want to support civil society in the fight against fuel poverty and encourage energy transition.

While digital technology enables unprecedented opportunities for progress in the world of energy, around 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity and 100 million Europeans are living in fuel poverty. We know that progress in energy creates value in economies and improves society as a whole. That’s the agenda behind the Rexel Foundation.

It’s a simple fact that fuel poverty starves human, economic and social development. The Rexel Foundation has a clear mission to promote access to a better energy future. It fulfils that purpose through three types of programme: community projects, social innovation projects, and academic studies & research. In delivering these, the Foundation is guided by four key principles:

  • Social innovation
  • Respect for the environment and energy savings
  • Collaboration with multiple partners
  • Developing repeatable and scalable initiatives

In addition, the Group and its subsidiaries lead community initiatives among local disadvantaged populations, building long-term social engagement. It was formalised in 2012 by documents that include the Group Community Involvement Charter and the Practical Guide for Subsidiaries. These identify territory and methodologies, and provide action plan advice and decision making tools respectively.