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Innovative Energy Management

Our ambitious goals to reduce energy

Our goal is to enable customers to consume less energy in a better way. To do this, we focus on three priorities: developing energy-efficient products and services, promoting renewable energy, and raising customer and stakeholder awareness of energy efficiency challenges.

Energy efficiency provides a smart, economical and sustainable route to reducing energy consumption, while improving performance and user comfort. One of our primary growth drivers since 2012 has been the development of high potential products and services in many sectors, from energy-saving solutions to automation, smart control and technical management for buildings, home automation, climate control and renewable energies.

To achieve this, we rely on an ambitious internal programme of improving our internal skill set, supported by a dynamic policy of external acquisitions to deliver the resources we need. Our eco-efficient solutions that lower energy costs and electrical bills transcend our supply of products or services, irrespective of the markets or the size of our customers.