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Environmental Performance in Operations

Environmental policy and charter govern our actions

We want to help preserve natural resources and ecosystems. To deliver this our environmental policy has three keystones: optimising efficiency at all our sites through initiatives such as building energy management, limiting packaging and waste by controlled consumption, and reducing the carbon footprint of our transportation by strategic vehicle upgrades and transport sharing.

A core part of our policy is our Environmental Charter. This details how our endeavours reach every corner of our business globally. They engage every employee. Our aim is quite simply to make environmental responsibility an everyday practice for all.

ISO14001 certification, along with procedures controlled centrally by our Environmental Management System (EMS), enable the implementation of improvement plans. Independently-validated environmental reporting, covering more than 30 countries, constitutes an effective management tool that drives meaningful action. One successful outcome is the EcoDays campaign. These involve everyone in the group with the aim of changing individual behaviour for the better. It’s one example that underscores our steadfast commitment.