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Important Notice for Suppliers

We wish to draw your attention to a scam that is currently in operation and targeting suppliers.

An individual is fraudulently posing as a member of Rexel UK and contacting suppliers to order goods. We are aware of the individual using the names Paul Austin/Stuart Austin and promoting himself as a Purchasing Director – this is not a legitimate role within our organisation.

Emails have been sent from the following domains:

These email addresses have no connection with Rexel UK or the Rexel Group. There may be other addresses or names being used that we have not yet identified.

We would ask that you do not respond to any such emails and bring this to our attention as soon as possible.

Any legitimate orders issued by Rexel UK Limited will be accompanied by a purchase order and will only be sent from the following email domains:

Please do not process any orders without a valid purchase order from Rexel UK or make any bank transfers without a valid invoice from Rexel UK. If you have any doubt please get in touch with us to confirm its authenticity.

Please share this information with all relevant staff within your business who deal with orders from Rexel UK and ask for their vigilance to stamp out this fraudulent behaviour.

If you have any questions regarding this notice please do not hesitate to contact us at