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Stock Solutions

Our stock solutions comprise intelligent mobile Van SmartStores systems to equip and support engineers on the road, as well as our proven SmartStores stock control to boost efficiency in storeroom and warehouse environments.


SmartStores lets you improve the way you manage indirect material in any storeroom environment and control usage more effectively. Benefits enjoyed by new SmartStore customers typically include an immediate 10% reduction in stock consumption by right-sizing and shelf life control. Plus you’ll achieve a further 10% reduction in holding through the elimination of duplicate stock, and improve stock accuracy by up to 50%. These are tangible commercial benefits. Read more…

Van SmartStores:

In its simplest form, Van SmartStores reduces or eliminates the need for mobile engineers to visit a Rexel branch in order to complete a job. The benefits to credibility, customer satisfaction, time saving and overall efficiency are extensive.

Monitored examples show time savings of 80 minutes on a typical two-hour repair task, simply by carrying appropriate stock in the engineer’s van. And statistics show the number of first time fix jobs up by at least 25%. The van becomes the mobile stores – it’s just one area where Van SmartStores scores. Read more…


To manage inventory and control usage effectively, SmartStores takes an enterprise-wide view to give you total visibility. All transactions and store operations are monitored in real time.

At the heart of the system is RFID technology, deploying Near Field Communications (NFC) tags to connect through an app to mobile Android devices, themselves linked to our cloud-based SmartStores materials platform via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Store operators can search for, issue, re-issue, return and re-stock product at a touch of a button or swipe of a tablet screen. Beyond speed, ease and accuracy, SmartStores adds big data to the enterprise perspective: metrics such as who, what, when, where, why and the quantity. That makes stock traceability second to none. And it fills in the gaps in operator stock knowledge. It also makes managing obsolescence more reliable by automating life and conditioning tracking.

Commercially, SmartStores helps to automate and track stock financials with functions like self-billing for invoicing and electronic transfer to speed payments and improve cash flow. SmartStores simplifies business data and management reporting beyond recognition. A full reporting suite can be accessed from a web browser. This live management data gives instant stock updates, allows inventory profiling to be improved and can contribute to supply chain consolidation.


SmartStores solves typical key stock issues:

  • Provides full inventory management
  • Assists in posting materials cost to jobs
  • Acknowledges receipt of goods and manages the knock-on effect to job starts
  • Delivers immediate and accurate visibility of inventory levels
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for manual intervention in stock processes
  • Reduces inefficiencies in engineer time and store time for handling materials, replenishments and job completions

Van SmartStores:

The primary focus of our Van SmartStores solution is to help ensure that the optimum stock is held on the engineer’s van. It turns the van into a mobile stores. Benefits include advantages in time saving and credibility – both of which deliver a positive commercial impact.

It’s a typically time-consuming exercise for an engineer to visit a branch to pick up stock for a new job. Our process studies show that this period can double the time it takes to complete the job. Reducing this dramatically with Van SmartStores delivers positive benefits and eliminates wasted time for all.

Operating via an app on a mobile Android device, Van SmartStores immediately reduces the number of branch visits needed for standard stock, and also allows more effective stock management. One bonus that Van SmartStores customers see is an upturn in the number of first time fix completions, by as much as one in four. That’s great for customer satisfaction, engineer credibility and your business reputation. Up to ten hours per week of engineer non-productive time can be completely eliminated, allowing more to be done.

Commercially. Van SmartStores lets you improve asset management and efficiency, reduce off-contract spending, save costs across the board, improve customer response times, and boost field productivity.

Van SmartStores deploys RFID technology in the form of Near Field Communications (NFC) tags to connect to the mobile Android device. And like our SmartStores intelligent warehouse system, it provides live management data via any approved web browser to give instant stock updates and improved inventory profiling. But it does more: it works in the way that your engineers need to work. Van SmartStores is not only available for electrical products. It handles PPE, gas, plumbing, general building and MRO spares – all of which are integrated into the Rexel supply solution – so Van SmartStores work across all your van stock.

Van SmartStores solves typical key stock issues:

  • Reduces or eliminates frequent stock-outs
  • Adds knowledge about stock
  • Provides better visibility on despatch
  • Resolves confusion with multiple suppliers of the same product
  • Delivers full traceability on procurement
  • Identifies non-compliant items
  • Provides details product usage data