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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric cars are here to stay. Uptake is already growing exponentially and as battery technologies mature, this can only accelerate. Today’s cutting edge electric vehicle manufacturers are already developing new generations of buses and trucks. All these vehicles need electric charging points. And that’s where Rexel helps you plug in to a rapidly growing market.

We will identify, supply and arrange the installation of the smart charging solution you need, based on your commercial, social and community objectives. Skilled engineers select the perfect solution from a range of intelligent charging products in our portfolio, then install the charging point in the optimum location, taking care of the all the infrastructure. In fact, we take care of every detail. Finance solutions are also available, and should you wish to arrange your own installation, we can just supply the products.

The case for electric cars is compelling: drastic reductions in fuel costs, generous capital allowances, a lower Benefit In Kind burden for employees, negligible excise duty, and zero congestion charge in London.

Your business may already have electric vehicles on its fleet. Or it’s increasingly likely to be a future option. And at any minute, your company may receive customers, visitors or employees arriving in private electric cars. That’s where providing a professionally-installed electric charging point is not only courteous, but reflects positively on your business and showcases your environmental credentials.

There are competitive business advantages linked to electric charging point installations too. Online maps and live mapping apps accessed from connected Sat Navs, smartphones and mobile devices are updated regularly with electric charging point locations. So you can choose to put your business on the map, quite literally. If your business needs to attract passing trade, electric charging points only add to the customer’s motivation to stop.