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Our multimillion pound investment in E-Commerce has driven this exceptional business solution to the top of the stack. It really is industry leading. Comprising invoicing, system integration, catalogue and data provision modules, it’s a well-rounded and highly intuitive package.


Our ERP platform lets us offer Consolidated and Electronic invoicing, with EDI invoices provided in any recognised standard format. It’s also the driving force behind our invaluable capability to deliver Next Day nationwide, through a sophisticated virtual pooled inventory system. We can also provide quotations, order confirmations and delivery notes in XML format, and these too can be made available via a range of communication protocols including FTP, HTTPS and AS2.

System Integration

Our experienced in-house IT team is home to the knowledge and resources that make everything work together. We offer a you full E-Procurement capability and develop seamless interface with invoicing and PO systems. We can integrate with your procurement system in many ways, for example:

  • Fully integrated web solutions for order transactions and local stock checks
  • Full Punch-Out capability
  • Nationwide price consistency
  • Invoice consolidation and E-Invoicing
  • Purchase cards up to and including Level 3


Our expertise provides bespoke E-Catalogues. These are available under the terms of a contract for customers to view and order. Ranging from flat file Excel format tailored to round up product lines against an agreed contract, to full Punch-Out solutions that focus on product categories based around customer feedback, contract requirements or divisional restrictions.

E-Catalogues can save you money. Potential areas of savings include:

  • Improved budgetary control by restricting product categories
  • Reduction in back-office administration costs via weekly or monthly invoice consolidation
  • Opportunities to standardise product lines, such as lighting and switchgear, in line with agreed manufacturer and specification needs
  • Whole Life Cost benefits from restricting purchase ability to selected product ranges

Data Provision

Data can be delivered directly to customers whose ERP systems link to commonly-used portals such as Ariba, Asite, Birch Street and COINS. This provision can be further extended to customers who host content in their own ERP systems, such as Oracle and SAP. Naturally, all data is delivered across a totally secure network connection or, alternatively, in your preferred media format. It can also be supplied via internationally-used coding standards such as EAN, eCl@ss and UNSPCS.