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    We use your data to administer your account, process your orders and recommend items you may be interested in. In cases where we need to share your information with third parties, we make sure they handle it with as much care as we do. To find out more, read our Privacy Policy.

    I, the undersigned, hereby apply for a credit account and confirm that I have read and accept Rexel's Standard Trade Account Application Terms and Conditions ( terms), and any amendments or revisions thereof from time to time in force. In addition to you opening a credit account if my credit application is successful. I also consent to Rexel opening an online web account in my name so that I may benefit from online services and have the option to purchase goods from the Rexel Webshop. CREDIT CHECKS: When considering your application for a credit account, Rexel will make searches with credit reference agencies, who will keep a record of your application and share information with other businesses. As part of this process, we will search business credit records and personal credit records of the principle director/ partners/ proprietors. Data on associates or persons financially linked to the actual applicant will also be obtained, and you hereby warrant that you have sought and obtained consent from the relevant persons for such information to be provided on the credit search. If your application is successful, we will let credit agencies know of any change of address, payments made, account balance, defaults on payment, late payments, disputes, or debts. If you make further credit applications, then we or other organisations may use the information recorded on your personal or business credit file to help us make a decision. We may share those details with other companies in our group, or with fraud and theft prevention agencies. For further information, read our Privacy Policy to find out how we handle your information.

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