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West Midlands school achieving an 80% cost saving with far infrared heating

A West Midlands secondary school with a 100 year-old building was seeking a cost effective and energy efficient heating solution for its classrooms. It was decided to trial far infrared heating technology in 3 classrooms, and monitor its performance and cost-effectiveness before employing it more extensively.

12 panel heaters were built into the ceiling, saving space in the classrooms and avoiding cold spots associated with traditional heating solutions. Early monitoring revealed an 80% reduction in energy costs compared with the previous gas system, making this an ideal solution both economically and in terms of comfort levels within the school environment.

Ipswich school in the zone with infrared

An independent secondary school near Ipswich was focusing on achieving costs and energy savings, and needed to replace its wet system powered by an oil boiler which provided heat for their design technology building. 170 Herschel far infrared heaters were installed which provided zoned heating for pupils when and where it was needed.

Why choose far infrared heating?

Greater comfort and health benefits

Far infrared heating employs a completely different heating technology than traditional heating systems that just heat the air around us. It offers greater comfort levels with no cold spots, working on the basis of gentle, long-wave Infrared which penetrates the air and heats solids. The fabric of the building can retain heat for longer, creating better thermal comfort, so your property will not only be warmer and cosier, but there will be less damp, dust circulation, and for asthma and allergy sufferers, less pollutants to breathe in.

Save energy and reduce your heating bills

Far infrared heating is an efficient way of heating your building, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% thereby helping to achieve an improved carbon footprint, and lowering energy bills.  Heat loss through open doors, windows and poor insulation is reduced

Space saving and ease of installation

Easy and fast installation whether a whole new system or alongside current heating means that there is often minimal disruption and therefore no need to restrict the work to school holidays. Ceiling mounted heaters and slimline wall-mounted options release teaching space, and no ongoing maintenance of the system, with warranties of up to 5 – 10 years give peace of mind in terms of reliability.

Complete flexibility in control

Far infrared systems give you the ability to tailor the heating for different environments, and control centrally or locally. A zoned heating solution can be achieved for all internal spaces and covered external areas.

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